Monday, 14 May 2018

Learn English Easily

You can also try.

English learning is very easy.

Take any story book or any novel or any article in the newspaper.

Mark all the words which you are not familiar.

If you do not have a good English/English dictionary,beg, borrow or steal or Buy with your money  and keep it in your home library.

Not just keeping it there and let it lie there only.No, use it, every time, every day,whenever you come across any new word.

Refer it.

. First write it down, Learn the spelling, learn the syllables, learn the pronunciation, learn how the word is used in the sentence you read, then try to use that word in the right context.

Learn all the uses of  the particular word in a particular sense. Use it in your daily conversation.

Master that word.

Keep a separate notebook and write down all the sentences you can form.if you learn 10 words in a day like this,You can be a master in English in 360 days time.You will gain more confidence.

If you really want to learn English, you can join TWG-classes on line.I will guide you for a monthly fee of RS.427/- which you can settle either by net banking or any money gateway to my account or through Paypal.

My Paypal account details are:PAYPAL.Me./rao1932.

or alternatively you can send in your enquiry to,

Blessings and best wishes.

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